DHAP 2019

About DHAP

The Dunman High Model ASEAN Plus Summit (DHAP) is the flagship event of Dunman High School’s International and Strategic Affairs Council (ISAC) with a trademark on ASEAN. The summit brings together about 200 young people from the Southeast Asian region and beyond. Delegates engage in intellectually stimulating debates on pertinent regional and global issues that revolve around the United Nations and ASEAN. Through a series of debates, six councils ranging from regional to international committees will come up with realistic solutions to resolve issues faced by the world. Organised by ISAC members annually, DHAP has been and continues to be a key platform for ISAC members to develop their leadership potential, enrich their global perspective, and forge meaningful friendships with like-minded youth outside of Dunman High School.


DHAP logo

The theme for DHAP 2019 is “Interconnections”. This theme is a recognition of the broad and deep relationships between ASEAN Member States (AMS), which span across many fronts - including, inter alia, national security, trade, and a common regional history. At DHAP, delegates would do well to be cognisant of the converging national interests of AMS as they aspire to achieve shared objectives.

“Interconnections” also encapsulates the key objectives of the Summit. Delegates will explore the intricate network of interconnections in three key domains: firstly, between AMS, as many of the most salient issues faced by countries today are transnational in nature; secondly, between issues, as political, economic and social problems are often intertwined; and thirdly, between delegates themselves and international affairs, for decisions made by policymakers have a subtle yet significant impact on the grassroots. The logo reinforces the theme as the encircling strokes reflect the intertwined interests of AMS, and the hands clasping each other reflects the spirit of cooperation underpinning the ASEAN identity.